1. 8 Reasons You May Need Foundation Repair, Pt. 1

    No homeowner wants to realize they’re in need of foundation repair. As a foundation repair company, we’ve seen this time and time again. How much will foundation repair cost? Is foundation repair really necessary? Is my foundation problem that bad? We’ll go ahead and answer those questions right now: 1 - It’ll pay itself off. 2 - Yes. 3 - Maybe. We can give you a free quote! Now that we’…Read More

  2. 4 Ways To Avoid Getting Scammed By Concrete Contractors

    Homeowners routinely don’t want to have to deal with concrete floor leveling. Even worse, though, is paying for concrete repairs and getting scammed! Unfortunately, there are people out there who will put a lot of time, effort, and money into scamming neighborhoods into paying for concrete services. These people are typically not trained or qualified to do so, and they’ll provide you with a lo…Read More

  3. How Foundation Repair Works

    When it comes to your home, you want to save money as much as possible — after all, you have a mortgage to pay. However, you also know when there is a large enough problem that paying for professional services is worth it. Foundation repair? Definitely worth it. Besides, it may surprise you how much foundation repair can pay itself off. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss three of the most popula…Read More

  4. DIY Weekend: How To Level A Concrete Floor

    If you’re a weekend warrior and handyperson who only relies on yourself when it comes to home repairs, then this is the right place for you to be. After all, you fix all of your own plumbing issues, built your own water feature in the backyard, and even laid the brick for your new deck. Why wouldn’t you do your own concrete floor leveling? If you read through this and decide doing your own con…Read More

  5. 6 Reasons To Not Delay Foundation Repair

    When it comes to foundation repair, homeowners will often come with every excuse in the book to not do it or to at least procrastinate it. Enough! Caring for your foundation is a vital part of homeownership, so it’s important to maintain your foundation and be aware of signs you need foundation repair. Still coming up with excuses? Here are six reasons to get your foundation repair done fast and…Read More

  6. 5 Factors That Impact Property Value — One Of Which You Can Control

    As much as you may like to think that you can completely control the outcome of your home sale and get the exact price you want, there are a lot of outside influences that impact your property value. There is one factor, however, that you can control to best increase your chances of selling your home for the amount you want: the condition of your home. If your home is in need of driveway repair, p…Read More

  7. Set Up A Solid Foundation: 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Foundation

    As a homeowner in the Nashville area, you should be proud. Not only do you own a home, but you own one in one of the most vibrant cities in our nation. Being a homeowner, though, is fraught with responsibility: Did I pay the mortgage this month? Have I fixed the leaky faucet yet? Does my foundation need repair? We get it — it’s a lot. And that’s why here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundati…Read More

  8. Concrete floor leveling? Sooner Is Better Than Later

    There are a few things that age well over time: fines wines and cheeses, your favorite jeans, and cast iron skillets are among them. Your cracked concrete floor though? Well, that’s only going to get worse. It may seem appealing to postpone that driveway repair or concrete lifting — you don’t want to pay the money or spend the time to make it happen — but you can trust us when we say it’…Read More

  9. 4 Things To Look For In Your Foundation Contractor

    Choosing a foundation contractor is no walk in the park. After all, when it comes to foundation repair, there’s a lot of time, money, and effort on the line — it’s understandable that you want the end result to be excellent. To accomplish this, you need a good contractor on your side when diving into home foundation repair. We recognize the need for this, and we’re here to help. At A-1 Con…Read More

  10. 5 Ways Your Home May Need Leveling Services

    When it comes to your home, you want it to have the best features. Spacious walk-in closet? Check. Large backyard for BBQs and space for the dog to run around? Check. Smooth, even driveway and sidewalks? Let us guess — you’re working on it. Whether you’re doing a remodel or repairs on your Nashville home, concrete floor leveling will come in handy. A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair…Read More