Buying a house is an exciting prospect, but it’s an undeniably scary process as well — even if the home is in prime condition. Considering buying a house with a bad foundation, on the other hand, ups the scare value even further.

There are many questions you’ll ask yourself throughout the homebuying process if you go forward with the purchase, but the four questions we address today will help you know if you should actually buy the home. Feel free to reach out to A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville with questions or concerns. We’re experts when it comes to foundation repair and can offer a free quote to help you decide if this is the home for you.

Do you know what you’re getting into?

It’s unwise to buy a house with a bad foundation if you have no clue what you’re getting into. If you’re well aware of the risks, potential rewards, and costs, though, then there’s no reason not to buy the home. The most important factor is that you know what to expect and aren’t slammed with predatory costs out of the blue. The next three questions will help you ensure you’re going into the situation with a solid foundation.

What’s the property worth?

If the property isn’t worth the potential hassle and cost of getting foundation repair in the future, then the home purchase may not be worth it. Evaluate the housing market and your particular area in Nashville to see if this investment could pay off in the long run. Whether you flip and sell the home, rent it out, or resell the home years down the road, it’s nice to know you’ll turn a profit — especially if you need to pay for foundation repair.

Have you had a professional look at it?

Don’t trust every blog you read online or what your neighbor’s friend’s brother who once had a leaky basement has to say about your particular foundation repair. If you’re seriously considering buying a house with foundation problems, take the time and energy required to get a professional opinion. An expert can inspect the home, see signs of more intense foundation damage, and give you an idea of what foundation repair you’ll need.

How soon would you need to fix it?

Are we talking about foundation repair five years down the road or as soon as you close on the home? This is important to consider because it will impact your finances and move-in process. When you have a professional look at it, they can let you know about how long to expect as they investigate signs around the house that you need foundation repair.

Home foundation repair is an art, and you should choose a foundation contractor wisely. Get a free quote from A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville to help you determine if you should buy the house or not. We’re a Top Rated Local® foundation repair company serving the Nashville area and we’d love to help you next.