Are you noticing cracks in your interior walls? Is the exterior of your home starting to show signs of deterioration? If so, it may be time for foundation repairs. There are four different signs that indicate a need for foundation repairs. Read on to learn more about these 4 warning signs and what you can do about them!

Crack in wall

1. Diagonal Cracks on the Interior Walls

If you are noticing cracks in the interior of your home, it may be time for foundation repairs. These diagonal cracks can sometimes indicate that there is too much weight being put onto one side of the house. This puts pressure on all parts of the foundation and could cause slippage or sliding along an interior wall.

This may cause problems with how your windows, doors, and walls function as well as impact the structural integrity of your house. Foundation movement could also lead to damage in other areas such as wiring, ducts, or plumbing lines so it is important to assess the situation right away.

2. Stair-Step Cracks on the Exterior Walls

Foundation repairs may be needed if you start to notice stair-step cracks on the exterior of your home. These types of breaks and movement in the foundation indicate that there is a lack of support underneath it. This could lead to more problems such as sinking or sagging floors, poor drainage around the property, or even cracked walls inside your home due to shifting.

Stair step crack in cinder block


3. Doors Not Sticking or Latching Properly

It is not uncommon for doors to start sticking or becoming difficult to latch. However, if these issues become more common and frequent in your home, it could be a sign that there are problems with the foundation underneath the house. Foundation repairs may be needed when you notice this happening because of shifting under your home which can impact how structural components like doorways are designed to be used.

4. Gaps Between the Exterior Trim and the Home

If you notice gaps between the exterior trim and your home, it could be another sign that foundation repairs are necessary. The gap or space can cause problems like allowing moisture into your house which will impact how well your appliances function as well as damage to landscaping around the property.

Gap in exterior trim

A lack of support can also impact how well your home is able to keep proper drainage or water flow which could lead to roof damage, basement flooding, and other problems down the line.

The last thing you want is for foundation issues underneath your house to cause more expensive structural damages so it’s important that you catch these problems as they happen. If you suspect there is a problem with your foundation, contact us today to get a quote on your foundation repairs!