Homeowners routinely don’t want to have to deal with concrete floor leveling. Even worse, though, is paying for concrete repairs and getting scammed! Unfortunately, there are people out there who will put a lot of time, effort, and money into scamming neighborhoods into paying for concrete services. These people are typically not trained or qualified to do so, and they’ll provide you with a low-quality solution that won’t last — in exchange for your hard-earned money.

Instead, trust a professional, reliable company like ours: A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair. From sidewalk to patio to driveway repair, we’ve seen — and done — it all. Our concrete floor leveling services are known throughout the Nashville area, and homeowners frequently say how much they trust our concrete leveling company. Check out some of our customer testimonials, and reach out today for a free quote. Read on to learn four ways to not get scammed by concrete contractors.

Don’t Commit At The Door

A common scam we’re seeing in the industry now is when a person visits you at your home and tries to get you to commit right away. They’ll say they just left your neighbor’s home (and they’ll say your neighbor’s name), and they’re able to give you a great deal if you commit to it now and pay cash. Another common ruse for the unreliable concrete contractor is to drive by your home, see you outside, and to offer their services — saying they have some leftover concrete in their truck right now that they could use on your cracks. Don’t fall for it! Never commit to someone right at the door, offer to call your neighbors to verify the information, and be wary of anyone asking for immediacy and cash.

Ask For Referrals

This can go a few different ways. Before letting someone into your home for basement floor repair or concrete sidewalk leveling, ask them for referrals they would be willing to put you in contact with. You can also ask your friends and neighbors for the contact information of concrete contractors they’ve used in the past.

Read Online Reviews

Maybe your neighbors haven’t had concrete floor leveling done before — but your neighbors on the internet certainly have. Read online reviews to see if a concrete leveling company is as reliable as they say or appear.

Require A Written Estimate

If a concrete contractor isn’t willing to provide you with a written estimate that details work to be done and costs to expect, then you could very well be the recipient of a scam. Always require this information before investing in leveling concrete.

Stop researching how to level a concrete floor; let our professionally qualified and trained concrete contractors do it for you. We offer a wide range of concrete leveling services in the Nashville area. At A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we’re built on customer satisfaction and hard work. Contact us today for a free quote.