As much as you may like to think that you can completely control the outcome of your home sale and get the exact price you want, there are a lot of outside influences that impact your property value. There is one factor, however, that you can control to best increase your chances of selling your home for the amount you want: the condition of your home.

If your home is in need of driveway repair, pool deck repair, sidewalk repair, or more, you may need to decrease the asking price for your home. If all of that is in new, pristine condition with the help of concrete contractors though, then you may actually be able to increase your asking price to at least make up the difference, if not more. Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we are understandably invested in making sure you have a smooth concrete floor — and we even offer a free quote to get you started. Read on to learn more about what impacts your property value, and then work with us for concrete floor leveling in Nashville.


What was top on your list when you were looking for somewhere new to live? It was most likely what it is for most people: the neighborhood. You want to be sure that it’s a safe neighborhood, and if you have children, then you’re heavily invested in the quality of the schools.

Nearby Features

Is the home close to work? What about to social, recreational, or shopping centers? This is, of course, out of your control, but it’s a huge consideration for prospective homebuyers. Though this is a larger factor for younger buyers, it’s somewhat important to all homebuyers.

Age And Condition

OK — so you can’t control how old your home is, but you can certainly control its condition! Invest in concrete floor leveling for the driveway, basement, or more; consider replacing carpet, hardwood, or other flooring; remodel dated rooms that negatively impact viewings; and commit to foundation repair for a cracked or damaged foundation.

Previous Sale Prices

Homebuyers, appraisers, and real estate agents have one big aspect on their minds when determining the value of a home: its historical sale prices. This depends largely on other factors in this list, but it’s a starting point and large consideration for many homebuyers.


The aspect you really can’t control — the market. When the market is in your favor, you’ll likely be thrilled with the profit you make from the sale of your home. Though the market is outside of your influence, improving the condition of your home as much as possible can help even if the market is bad.

Are there problem areas around your home that you need repaired before you can sell? Rely on the concrete contractors at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville for concrete floor leveling. We know how to level a concrete floor just right. Whether you need driveway repair, concrete sidewalk leveling, mudjacking, or help with leveling a basement floor, you can count on us. Get a free quote today.