Whether your New Year’s resolution was to fix up those problem areas around your home, you just bought a new home and want to do some repairs here and there, or you’re proactive and are repairing problems as they occur, concrete floor leveling could be the answer.

There may be more areas around your home involving concrete than you realize. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover seven different ways your home may need concrete leveling in 2019. Be sure to take a look around your house after reading this blog — these repairs are common, and it’s always better to tackle the problem sooner rather than later. Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville, we’re committed to making your home as safe and beautiful as possible through our concrete floor leveling services. Contact us today for a free quote.


A lot of people know driveway repair is impending when they see that crack working its way up toward the garage door. Don’t delay! Concrete floor leveling could help with your driveway repair — depending, of course, on what material your driveway is.


Cracked sidewalks are a safety hazard and an eyesore — the dynamic duo that can cause you a lot of pain down the road. Concrete contractors are experts in leveling concrete and repairing cracks, especially with the unique A-1 method.

Garage Floor

Whether you somehow have a crack in your garage floor or you have an uneven garage floor, you know how troublesome it can be — and how much future damage it could cause. Instead of delaying the inevitable, letting the situation worsen, or searching “how to level a concrete floor,” rely on our concrete contractors.


Here in the south, we like spending our time on our porches and patios, basking in the sunlight, humidity, and time spent with friends. You can trust us that you’ll enjoy it more when all those unsightly, dangerous cracks and sunken parts are corrected with concrete floor leveling.


A settling slab, uneven stair, or cracked step isn’t just an eyesore that bugs you when you come home every day — it’s a hazard to your safety and the safety of anyone who visits your home! Concrete lifting is an ideal way to restore your safety.

Pool Deck

What’s the worst thing to mix with cracked concrete or a sloping, uneven concrete surface? If you guessed water, then you’re correct! It’s vital that leveling concrete takes place early on when you see problems with your pool deck.

Utility Pad

An uneven or cracked HVAC or utility pad can strain electrical and plumbing connections — meaning higher bills or lack of services if it goes too far. Concrete contractors can help to raise the concrete and correct cracks.

Did this post make you think of areas of your home that need concrete floor leveling? Reach out to A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville today and request a free quote.