Have you noticed a weird thing or two around your home but remained blissfully ignorant because you were afraid of the impending cost and time of foundation repair? It’s time to be a responsible homeowner and take care of it — trust us, it’s better to do foundation repair sooner rather than later.

As a homeowner, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to look into every little thing that could be a problem. For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of eight telltale signs that you need to call your local foundation contractors. If you notice any of these signs, or any of the signs from part one of this foundation repair series, get in touch with A-1 Concrete Leveling And Foundation Repair. We’re a Top Rated® Local in the Nashville area, and we’d be happy to help you improve the appearance and safety of your home through our foundation repair services.

5. Sticking Doors

That door that doesn’t seem to open right may not just be a weird quirk of your home that you should learn to live with. If your home is settling on one side, then many of your doors and windows could possibly stick — after all, they’re no longer level!

If they’re sticking shut and don’t open or close like they used to, then this is a telltale sign you need foundation repair. Perhaps you’ve moved into the home recently, though, and haven’t seen how the doors and windows have changed over time. No matter! If they’re sticking, are difficult to open, or complicated to close, you most likely have a foundation problem and should get it checked out by a foundation repair company.

This is one of the more common signs we see when it comes to foundation problems, so don’t delay if you notice this within your home!

6. Sunken Floors

You’d think this would be obvious, right? So often, though, bushes or other objects will cover the problem area or the problem area won’t be in an area of your house that you visit very often. Because of this, the foundation problem can go unnoticed for a while. Be vigilant in checking the perimeter of your house, your seldom-visited basement, and other parts of your house where this could be problematic.

This is a sign of a large foundation problem, so the earlier you catch it — and repair it — the better. You could notice the ground sinking near your foundation, a floor that’s sunken and lower than it used to be, or a sagging crawl space.

7. Wet Basement

Foundation cracks will allow humidity and moisture into your home, which is one of the exact things your foundation is supposed to prevent. Though you may not always be able to see the foundation crack right from the start, you’re sure to notice unexplained damp areas in your basement.

If you notice leaky basements, damp crawl spaces, or unexplained moisture, you may have a problem on your hands. Whether poor drainage, faulty water pipes, or inclement weather is causing it, water sneaking into your home is never good.

Not sure whether it’s coming from foundation problems or from something else? Let A-1 Concrete Leveling And Foundation Repair diagnose the problem for you and see if you need foundation repair. Leaky basements and mysterious moisture are certainly signs of foundation problems, but they can also lead to many more problems throughout your home.

8. Bowed Basement Walls

We’re sure that if you were in your basement and noticed the walls were bowing in, you’d be concerned. However, we’re so used to seeing our basement walls and not thinking about them — or they’re covered by boxes, storage, and more — that bowed basement walls can actually go a long time without drawing any attention from the homeowner. Be sure to check them often and see if you notice anything different, like cracks, moisture, bowed walls, or more, from the last time you looked.

Soil expansion beneath your foundation is the leading cause of these bowed basement walls. As the soil expands when wet, it pushes against the foundation. It then dries and pulls away from your foundation. This process, repeated over and over again, weakens the area and leads to your walls bowing from the pressure and changes.

Have you noticed these signs? Is your blood pressure increasing as you read this?

Take a deep breath. A-1 Concrete Leveling And Foundation Repair can help. All of these signs, along with signs from part one, are symptoms of larger foundation problems that we are qualified to handle for you. We work with people in Franklin, Goodlettsville, Burns, Ashland City, Nashville, and other surrounding areas, and we’d love to pencil you in as well if you need help. Schedule a free consultation, and then we’ll diagnose your foundation problems and get to work. Call us today!