Photo of a basketball about to swish through the hoop.

Any home can be turned into a dream home with a little TLC — and sometimes that TLC needs to come in the form of concrete pouring. Whether it’s adding a pool or adjusting a walkway, concrete pouring can completely transform the look and feel of your Nashville home. 

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we offer a variety of services to help you feel safe and happy in your home. This includes concrete floor leveling and making sure your driveway, sidewalks, basement floor, and other parts of your home feature the smooth concrete floor that keeps your foundation safe and protected. However, we’re also all about concrete pouring! Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, are building your dream home, or are making renovations on the home you’ve had for years, our concrete contractors can help your dream come true. Keep reading to get inspired on what you can create with concrete pouring, and then contact us today for help with it or concrete floor leveling! We’ll make it easy on you: request a free quote.

Basketball Court

Dreaming of shooting some hoops with your kids or friends? There’s nothing better than having the gym in your own yard! Whether you have an old basketball court in need of concrete floor leveling or you want to create a brand new one through our concrete pouring services, you can count on us!


We’re guessing you already have a driveway. If you just want to see it in better condition, then our concrete floor leveling for driveways will be of assistance. If, however, you really want to turn it into your dream driveway — you know, making it larger and maybe even winding it through some trees on the way to your house — then we’ll get our concrete contractors out to your place!


Building a new home? A concrete foundation is the best option, and concrete pouring is the best way to go so you can make sure the home is set to your standards and dream design.

Garage Floor

Are you remodeling and making your garage larger (that way it can hold your boat and the rest of your toys)? Way to go! Our concrete pouring services can enlarge the space so you have more to work with, and we’ll go ahead and do concrete floor leveling on the rest so it all matches perfectly.

Garden Goals

If you’re turning your garden into your personal oasis, then you’ll want meandering walkways, sitting areas, vegetable patches, and more — and concrete pouring can help provide the perfect layout and feel for all of it.

Pad for a Shed

A new concrete pad for a shed may not seem like an exciting dream, but it certainly will be when you’re actually using your shed for a change! This will help keep everything inside protected from outside elements so you can rest easy knowing your treasures are in good hands.


Dreaming of sitting on your porch, drinking tea, and laughing with friends and family? It’s the quintessential southern dream, and it’s easy with our concrete pouring! Whether you want the patio in your front or backyard, our concrete contractors can use concrete floor leveling and concrete pouring together to improve and expand your current patio.

Pool Deck

A lot of people in the Nashville area already have pools. If your pool deck is simply in need of repair, then concrete floor leveling can get those cracks and uneven bits out in no time. If you don’t have a pool and you want one, then we can help with that too through concrete pouring!


It’s reasonable that if you have beautiful, meandering pathways in the backyard, then you’ll want them in the front as well! This will give a cohesive look to your entire property and make sure everything looks just as you dreamed.

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Stop searching “how to level a concrete floor” or “where to buy concrete.” A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair has you covered for both concrete floor leveling and concrete pouring. Contact us today for help with driveway repair, sidewalk leveling, concrete lifting, concrete pouring, and more to turn your house into your dream home.