Hi, homeowner.

We’ve been through so much together over the years and I’ve seen it all, even if I’ve been fairly quiet in the background. I was so excited when you first moved to my property — you were so young and excited about your new home! Every day you’d bike or drive over my smooth, pristine surface. Each fall you would remove all the fallen leaves and each winter you happily shoveled all the snow away (thank you — it was cold!).

I remember when you brought our family’s baby home from the hospital and years later when she and her siblings got their first rollerblades — that was such a fun day with everyone scooting all over me! Time seemed to go by really fast after that, didn’t it? Next thing you know, she got her license and left me, her driveway, just sitting there watching her disappear into the distance. We were both there for all of our family’s firsts — including my first crack.

After that, things really seemed to go downhill (and I don’t just mean down my sloped surface).

That first crack was due to a tree root that expanded below me — and it didn’t stop. In fact, it’s still there, growing away and hurting me with each new growth. But then the first winter after that crack hit, and water would freeze in the crack, expand, and then thaw — and it would do it all over again each time it got cold enough. This resulted in the crack getting larger and a few others popping up in other parts of myself. I just felt like I was opening myself up to you and asking for help — and you weren’t there for me, not like you used to be anyway.

And then. The animals. Those pesky rodents and other animals burrowed into my hard, warm surface, away from the ground and other assailants. And I couldn’t fight back! There was nothing I could do! Their families got larger and larger while I just sat there, helpless and afraid.

Now, each time you drive over me with a heavy load, it hurts so much. What hurts even worse though is that the kids don’t play on me anymore, and I haven’t felt your bike glide smoothly across me in years — no one wants to risk getting hurt on my cracks or uneven slopes.

Please, homeowner. We’ve been through so much together. Sure, this is a rough patch in our relationship, but we can repair it and move forward — together.

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