There are so many reasons to choose a concrete driveway, but the most popular is concrete’s strength and durability. However, even though many homeowners believe that their concrete driveway can withstand anything, concrete does need some maintenance. Compared to other driveway materials, concrete maintenance is very minimal, but if you want your driveway to last and look great over its lifetime, it’s important to remember to do these small maintenance tasks.

In today’s blog post, we’re providing you with a simple guide to maintaining your concrete driveway and what you should do if you have any problems. (hint: call A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville for concrete leveling services!). Continue reading to learn more about how to protect your concrete driveway.

Clean Concrete & Reapply Concrete Sealer

When it comes to concrete driveways, no one wants cracks to start spidering across the surface! The best way to avoid cracking is by cleaning any spills or dirt that accumulates on your driveway. 

After your concrete driveway is clean, it’s important to apply high-quality concrete driveway sealer. Sealing your concrete driveway is the best way to prevent cracks, no matter the age of your driveway. So even if you just poured a fresh concrete driveway last year, you should still seal the concrete in the fall before temperatures drop. 

Tips for Applying Concrete Sealer:

Before applying a concrete sealer, you should power wash your driveway. Power Washing removes oils and sediments that can’t be removed with regular cleaning. After it dries, apply a high-quality concrete driveway sealer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package to ensure proper application. 

It doesn’t snow very often here in Nashville, but when it does, make sure you’re shoveling, which helps prevent water from seeping into the concrete, retaining the seal. Avoid using jagged metal shovels, which could damage the sealant you worked so hard to apply.

Avoid Heavy Equipment Use

If you use heavy equipment for your job or are doing a building project on your property, avoid parking the equipment on your concrete driveway. Even if you’re installing a patio or working on your garage, your concrete driveway is not stable enough to handle the weight of heavy trucks for at least 30 days following its initial installation.

After the concrete has fully cured, you can drive and park heavy vehicles on your concrete driveway, but know that the more stress you put on the surface, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Don’t Plant Trees or Shrubs Near Your Concrete Driveway

If you have trees or shrubs growing near your concrete driveway, their roots can grow underneath the surface and push up the concrete, creating sunken spots and cracks. You can easily prevent this from happening by replanting trees or shrubs. If you like them near your driveway, you can opt to trim their roots to ensure that they won’t cause damage to your driveway or walkways. If you do notice cracks in your concrete, contact A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville for concrete leveling.

Repair Cracks Quickly

All concrete driveways eventually need repair, and it’s best to repair cracks and other issues as quickly as possible. If your concrete driveway is cracked, you can most likely get concrete leveling and have everything looking like new within a day. However, if you leave those cracks, they will grow larger over time and you’ll need a more extensive, and expensive repair. If you see any issues with your concrete driveway, be sure to contact A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville. We’ll come inspect your driveway and let you know what your concrete driveway repair options are. 

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair – Nashville

Our team of concrete contractors provides concrete leveling services for customers across Nashville and the surrounding areas. We hope that you found these tips for concrete driveway maintenance helpful. If you have any questions about how to take care of your concrete driveway or would like to schedule an inspection, contact us today. Along with concrete leveling, we also specialize in concrete pouring and foundation repair. Contact us today for a free quote.

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