Your whole family loves shooting hoops in the driveway, it’s fun and a good way to get some much-needed exercise. Shooting hoops is also a great way to get the family together for some quality time. The problem is that none of your family members seem interested in shooting hoops anymore. You recently updated the hoop by painting the backboard and installing a new net, you even bought the latest, coolest basketball, but nobody is outside playing.

The problem could be because your driveway is uneven in several spots and people are afraid of tripping, falling and hurting themselves, possible pretty seriously. The threat is a real concern. You could call your concrete driveway repair contractor in Nashville and have them fix it. It doesn’t cost as much as you might think and it is a whole lot cheaper than having your driveway replaced.

If you have your driveway repaired, it is likely your family would start playing hoops again, here are a few games you could all play together.


Lightning is a game that tests your skills shooting under pressure. This game works best if you have at least three players and is a whole lot more fun with even more. You swill need two basketballs to play this game. All players line up at the free-throw line and the fist player takes a shot. If they make the shot, they pass along the ball and go to the back of the line. But if the first player misses the shot, they must grab their rebound and shoot from where they stand. In the meantime, the second player can shoot as soon as the first player misses their shot. If the first player makes the follow-up shot first, they move to the back of the line and play continues. But if the second player sinks the basketball first, the first player is out of the game.

This play continues until only one player remains because, as you know, there can only be one.

Around the World

This is a fun game that can be played bu tow players or more. The game is set up with a series of shots arranged around the key. If you make the shot at the starting point, you move on to the nest shooting spot and so on. If you miss a shot, you have the option of opting for a “chance” shot. If the “chance” shot is missed, that player must start over. If the player chooses not to take a “chance,” they hand the ball to the next player but are allowed to remain on the spot.

If you don’t have a basketball hoop or if basketball is just not your cup of tea, there are any number of games you and your family can play in the driveway after it is fixed.


The game of horse is an all-time favorite that players of all skills can play. It’s an easy game to play and all you need is a basketball hoop, a basketball and two people with a desire to have some fun. The person who goes first takes a shot from anywhere on the court and if the shot is made, the second player has to make it from that very same spot. If the shot is made by the second player, the process is repeated. However, if the second player missed the shot, they get an “H”. The first person to miss five shots gets labeled “horse” and is the loser. If this game lasts too long or time is a concern, you can choose to play pig.


Basically, 21 is a game of one-on-one basketball with rules to compensate for the lack of players. The game begins with one player behind the three-point line or a pre-determined line where both players start. The first player dribbles out and takes a shit in an attempt to score, there is no passing as there are no teammates. When the first player has the best opportunity, they shoot to try to score. If they miss and get the rebound, they can shoot again at any time and from wherever they like. If the second player makes the rebound, they must dribble it back to the pre-determined line before they can take a shot. The first player to reach 21 wins the game.


Hopscotch began as a military training exercise in Brittian during the Roman Empire, now it is merely a game one plays in their driveway. To play, draw a hopscotch board on the concrete alternating double and single squares and giving each square a number. Toss a rock into the first square, hop over it and continue to the end. You then turn around and hop back, stopping briefly to pick up the rock you tossed earlier. The next toss is square two and so on until you have completed the board.

Avoid the Shark

For this game, you need a lot of colored chalk. Take various colors of chalk and draw random beaches all over the driveway, making sure they aren’t too far apart. When that is done, take turns jumping from beach to beach to avoid getting eaten by the sharks. Yes, this game is for younger children and it does require a bit of an imagination. Make the game even more dramatic by drawing sharks in the water, ones with big teeth.

As you can see, getting your driveway leveled makes sense and promotes fun and healthy games.