Congratulations. You finally hired a concrete driveway repair contractor in Nashville and now your driveway looks as good as new. The driveway is now free from cracks and is no longer uneven. You kids celebrate the updated driveway by breaking out their inline skates for a quick game of hockey. This reminds you of the days when you used to ride your skateboard. Those are some mighty fond memories.

Say, maybe you should consider taking up skateboarding again, there are many reasons to do so.

Get Outside

Skateboarding is difficult in the house, pretty near impossible actually. This means if you want to skateboard, you need to do it outside, which means lots of fresh air for you and a dose of much-needed vitamin D.

With your skateboard under foot, you can head down to the local park and enjoy the cool breeze wafting through your hair. That is, if you have any hair.

Great Way to Exercise

In addition to getting fresh air and a dose of vitamin D, skateboarding is a great way to get a little exercise. Face it, your 12-ounce curls aren’t giving you six-pack abs and you do very little except watch football and yell at the television when your team makes a bad play.

Riding a skateboard will give your legs plenty of exercise, and since balance is required, you get a core workout as well. Skateboarding will even improve your posture. If you have skills and do tricks, other parts of your body will benefit.

Bust Some Sick Moves

If you want to impress your neighbors, set up a ramp in your backyard and practice your sick skateboard moves. Heck, you might even impress the wife.

Meet Cool People

If you take up skateboarding, it is likely you will hang out at the skate park. If you hang out at the skate park, you will meet really cool people and make new friends. Because let’s face it, anyone who hangs out at a skate park is probably really cool. It sure beats meeting new people at 7-11 or Applebee’s.

New Skateboards

If you grew up in the 1970s or 1980s and had a skateboard, you will be surprised by how gnarly they look today. Skateboard art has come a long way and the skateboards you will find in shops are as sick as the moves you put on your skateboard. Go ahead, go online and check out some of the sweet designs.

You are Still a Rebel

Even though you wear Dockers, loafers and shirts from Kohl’s, you still are a little rebellious and have a problem with authority. In fact, every time you see a cop car, you get a little nervous and you break a little sweat over the brow.

Go rogue and go skateboarding where it is not allowed. It’s OK to be a little deviant at your age.

Skateboard Apparel is Cool

In addition to a sick pair of skate shoes by Vans, DC or Circa, you get to buy your clothes at Zumiez. Skate shoes are way cool, and can be worn for everyday use to be sure. They go great with your khaki pants and Kohl’s shirts.

Skate styles have changed over the years, but remain quite hip and popular. Top brand names like Fallen, Vans and Osiris manufacture pants, shirts and accessories that will bring out the skateboarder in you.


You have co-workers who are Earth-friendly and ride their bikes to work. You can do your part to help save the Earth by skateboarding to work. Skateboarding is legitimately linked with the urban environment and is a great way to explore things while heading to and from work.

The great thing about skateboarding places is that when you reach your destination you simply pick up your board and carry it. There is no need to find a place to chain it up.

Your Kids Will Look Up to You

Your kids will take notice when you shed your khakis, loafers and Kohl’s shirts in favor of gear from Vans and DC. They will also take note that you leave the Hyundai Elantra in the garage and skateboard to work every day.

They might still think you are a geek, but a well-dressed one at least.