Curb appeal is that tangible but undefinable something that draws your attention to a house at first glimpse. It is a combination of good upkeep, visual charm and attention to detail.

If your home is on the market, an appealing landscape, attractive entryway or level driveway can be the difference between a sale and disappointment. If you own a home with a lack of curb appeal, prospective buyers could downright reject it without even touring the inside. If they do take a look at the inside, they might offer much less than asking price.

What are the most important factors when selling a home? Real estate agents will tell you with certainty that curb appeal is one of them. In fact, curb appeal is so important that it could fetch you a price 10 percent higher.

In addition to calling your Nashville concrete driveway repair service, here are a few other things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Add Some Color

There is no need to paint the entire exterior of your home for added curb appeal. In fact, just doing something inexpensive and simple like painting the trim or painting your front door can bring your home to life. The key is to choose a color that complements your home’s color.

Think about other things around your home that could use a fresh coat of paint. If the white picket fence in the front yard is stained and faded, channel your inner Tom Sawyer and get a coat of paint on it. The same should be done to anything that is looking aged or otherwise neglected like the porch swing, mailbox or windowsill planter.


You may have clutter in your yard, driveway or front porch and not even realize it. After all, clutter is in the eye of the beholder. To determine if you have clutter, ask somebody outside the family members who live in the house, someone who is honest and brave. You might be surprised at what they have to say.

You see, from your point of view, there is no clutter. The bikes that line the side of the house, the garden tools strewn about the yard and the skateboard in the driveway are permanent fixtures that you are used to seeing every day. But for others, it is all clutter and it hurts your curb appeal.

So take the time to remove skateboards, bikes, garden tools and other evidence of a bustling family life and go for the streamlined look.

Landscaping Decisions

There are times when adding elements to your yard will improve curb appeal. But there are also times when removing things from your yard will improve curb appeal.

For example, adding a few select flowers around your home will give it a bright and colorful look. Removing a tree that obscures the view of an attractive element of the house will boost curb appeal.

Again, you might want to get the opinion of a third party who will give an unbiased assessment. You might think that evergreen in the middle of the yard looks great, when, in reality, it is nothing but an overgrown eyesore.

Add Living Space

On your deck, front porch or garden, add furnishings that expand your home’s living space. After all, outdoor rooms are both attractive and trendy.

Some suggestions include adding a porch swing, an outdoor rug, mood lighting and deck furniture to make your outdoor space homey.

Replace Fixtures

Have you taken a close look at your porch light? Chances are it’s old, dirty, damaged or just plain outdated. The same is probably true of your house numbers. New outdoor light fixtures can give your home an updated look and you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money or time.

And while you are at Home Depot, Lowes or wherever you shop, grab some new house numbers.

Power Wash

After buying new house numbers and outdoor light fixtures, go and rent a power washer if you don’t already own one. When you get home, plug that bad boy in and wash the exterior of your home, your deck, your driveway and anything else you can think of that is dirty.

Check the Windows

You may have blasted the windows with your power washer, but they may not be completely clean. You see, windows get dirty on the inside as well. Take the time to wipe off fingerprints, nose prints and dog drool on the inside of your windows and they will look great from the outside.

Check the Roof

Grab a ladder, climb it and check the roof of your house. If you see mold, leaves and other debris, then start cleaning. If you still have the power washer, put it to good use by blasting the dirt and grime from your roof.