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Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville we know our concrete! From concrete driveways to sidewalks, patios, pool decks and more, we love helping our clients get the beautiful, level surface they’re looking for. On our blog we share information about concrete floor lifting as well as general tips about concrete maintenance.

The weather is warming and we’re dreaming of weeknight grilling and Saturday afternoon parties out on the patio. If you’re also ready to soak up the sun and pull out the patio furniture, then today’s blog is for you! Continue reading for tips and tricks for cleaning your concrete driveway and patio to get ready for summer. And if during the cleaning process you discover any cracks in your concrete pad, contact A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair for concrete floor leveling. We’ll have you back to relaxing on your beautiful patio or shooting hoops on your concrete driveway in no time!

Remove All Furniture, Grills, And Cars

The first step in the process is relatively easy — get everything off of the surface that you’re cleaning! If you’re cleaning a patio, it’s a great time to not only scrub down the surface, but also to give your furniture some love. Wash the cushions and wipe down the frames. Be sure to let the cushions dry completely before putting them back on, so that no one gets damp pants and mildew doesn’t start growing on your comfy outdoor seating. If you have plants and pots on your patio, it’s a great time to give them some love as well. See if any need to be repotted or if the pots need to be scrubbed.

Check For Cracks

After you’ve got a clear surface to work with, you can take a few minutes to look for any cracks or pitting that may have occurred in your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio over the winter. The freezing and thawing of the soil may have caused cracks and now is a great time to schedule concrete floor leveling. The concrete contractors at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville are here for all of your concrete leveling needs! Whether you need driveway repair or driveway leveling, or concrete lifting around your pool, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in efficient and effective concrete floor leveling so that you can get back to getting your space ready for spring. Contact us today for a free quote.

Test A Treatment

While concrete is a low-maintenance and strong choice for a patio, it does need some maintenance. It needs to be sealed every 2-5 years to keep the surface in good shape and prevent cracks or other types of damage. If your surface has not been sealed, harsh cleaning can hurt the area. While concrete is definitely tougher than your carpet, you still need to be careful and only use cleaning solutions that are made for concrete. If you’re unsure about a product, spot test it in an inconspicuous place, just in case it stains or damages the surface.

Cleaning Different Surfaces

Like anything that you are cleaning, you need to take the type of surface into account in order to clean it properly. While we recommend using concrete for your patio, we know that not all Nashville homeowners have made this choice! If you have these different construction materials around your property, learn how to clean them to properly care and protect them.


Concrete is a very easy surface to maintain! Simply sweep off the patio and hose it down with a garden hose with a nozzle to provide a strong stream of water. If there are tough stains, you can use a natural or synthetic bristle scrub brush. Never use a wire brush, as it can leave rust stains and scratches on the concrete surface. If there are oily spots, like near a grill for example, you can use a degreaser.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your concrete patio, use some dishwashing liquid mixed with water to remove grime and brighten the surface. Try to use eco-friendly soaps, since the runoff will be going into your yard and you don’t want to hurt your plants. They can really bring your patio back to life!

Natural Stone

Hose off the patio and use a solution of dishwashing liquid mixed with water to remove grime. Again, try to use a natural cleaner or keep the suds confined to the patio. You can treat dark spots or spots that have developed mold and mildew with a solution of bleach and water. Use sparingly and keep to the affected area.

You can also power wash a natural stone or flagstone patio to help keep it clean, though if you regularly clean the surface you shouldn’t need to.


Simply use a garden hose with a nozzle to get surface debris off the stones. Manufactured pavers are made to be low-maintenance. Depending on the material that you choose, care should be as easy as a spray down whenever the surface accumulates dirt.

Concrete Floor Leveling – Nashville

If you’re having any problems at all with any concrete surfaces on your property, don’t hesitate to call A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair! We’ll let you know whether it is possible to level your concrete surface or if it may be better to find a different solution. Or, if you decide that you’re ready to expand your concrete patio or pour a brand new basketball court, we’ve got the concrete pouring skills you need. When you work with A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, the services are fast, affordable, and effective. Contact us today for a free quote.

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