Aerial view of a neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee, covered in snow.

The average precipitation in inches for Nashville is as follows: 

  • October: 3.03
  • November: 4.29
  • December: 4.25
  • January: 3.74
  • February: 3.94
  • March: 4.09

Sure, May showers are heavy (at a whopping 5.51 inches), but with 47.24 inches of rain each year, it’s safe to say Nashville is getting rained on heavily year-round. So, in those winter months listed above, it’s not enough to pull out the hot cocoa and assume you’re OK at home if the heating is working. With all that rainfall, it’s essential you make sure the downspout extensions on your home are in good condition — otherwise you could be calling us for foundation repair before you know it! 

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we’re the foundation repair company that does it all. From fixing leaky basements to pouring concrete slab foundations and correcting cracked concrete, you can count on us for anything related to foundation repair. Part of this includes downspout extensions, which direct water away from your home and foundation. Keep reading to learn more, and then contact us today for help with installing or fixing downspout extensions (or help with foundation repair if the extensions weren’t doing their job).

What do downspout extensions do?

Ask any foundation contractor, and they’ll tell you the importance of having downspout extensions. But why, exactly? What are they doing to help prevent foundation damage? Downspout extensions are important because: 

  • They direct water away from your home – If water just comes out of your gutter, then it’s going to soak the house, the ground around your house, and, ultimately, your foundation. Downspout extensions extend the length of the gutter, so to speak, and keep that moisture away from your house.
  • They protect your foundation – If the water does, in fact, get into the soil directly around your home and foundation, then the soil will expand and contract. This process will deteriorate and crack your foundation over time. Your foundation will also simply weaken over time, leading to you finding a leaky basement, for example, if water works its way in.
  • They prevent future costs and foundation repair – Everything listed above leads to foundation repair and costs for you. While our foundation repair company certainly offers reasonable prices (including a free quote!), it’s undeniable that it’s money you weren’t planning on needing to spend.
  • They eliminate worry – Finally, just take the worry out of the situation! Foundation cracks, wet basements, and other foundation problems won’t be as much of a concern if you’re doing everything you can to prevent foundation damage in the first place. You have enough on your plate as a homeowner — don’t let something simple like not having downspout extensions be the reason you need foundation repair.

How can your foundation repair company help?

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, our foundation contractors are more than happy to get you started with a free quote. We will fill you in on how much you can expect to pay, how long the work will take, and exactly what will happen. 

If you think downspout extensions are your problem, then we’ll investigate to make sure this is the case and then we’ll either repair or replace them. If water has already done too much damage to your house foundation, then we’ll offer unparalleled foundation repair so you can rest easy once again — hot cocoa in hand.

Contact Us Today for Foundation Repair in Nashville

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