There’s a reason where we live is so luscious and green all the time: we get a lot of rain. In fact, the average annual precipitation in Nashville is 47.24 inches of rain with 119 days of rain. This may make your property beautiful, but it can wreak havoc on your foundation if you’re not prepared. 

The gutters on the edge of your roof drain rain water and this water runs down the pipes. If you don’t have downspout extensions, the extensions are in disrepair, or they aren’t far enough away from the house, then all that water could end up right where you don’t want it: seeping into the soil around your foundation.

This water damage will inevitably lead to future foundation repair. Avoid all the headaches and costs from the start by making sure your downspout extensions are doing their job. Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we offer our services throughout the Nashville area and surrounding cities. If you find a leaky basement, foundation cracks, or other foundation problems, then you can count on us. Whether you want your downspout extensions evaluated, repaired, installed, or have questions about foundation repair in general, call us today or request a free quote for your project.

Keep Water Away From Your Home

Water is good for a lot of things — pool parties, hydration, and gardening, to name a few — but it’s certainly not good for the overall condition of your home. There are different types of downspout extensions, but they all essentially do the same thing: keep water away from your home. The water will travel from the gutter to the downspout extension and then to soil that’s an appropriate distance from your house and your foundation. If you’re curious about appropriate distances, then our team of foundation contractors can be of service. Contact us today for a free quote on your project.

Protect Your Foundation

As water seeps into the soil directly around your home and foundation, the soil will expand and contract (a process you can read about more in our post about summer foundation damage). This will place substantial wear and tear on your foundation and potentially lead to cracks over time, at which point you’ll need foundation repair. Another concern with excessive wetness around your foundation is simply that water will begin to find its way in. Over time, your foundation weakens — and the water will be right there to give you a leaky basement. 

Prevent Costs & Foundation Repair

Essentially, all of this adds up to costs. As a homeowner, you have a lot of costs on your plate and tasks on your to-do list. Even though our foundation repair company offers affordable rates and free quotes (and the ROI of foundation repair is good), there’s no denying that it costs money — money that you may not otherwise have to spend if your downspout extensions are doing their job. On top of this, you’ll also have the time of scheduling foundation repair and then having to actually have all the work done on your home. Again, our foundation contractors do their best to cause minimal interruptions to your life when offering foundation repair — but you’ll still have to plan for that.

Eliminate Worry

You have enough to worry about as a homeowner — such as mowing the lawn (again), tightening the loose drawer handles in the kitchen, and installing a new security system. Don’t let worrying about foundation problems and foundation repair take over your life. When you make sure your downspout extensions are installed and working properly and that your foundation repair is taken care of quickly, you can eliminate worry and stress — all while increasing the safety of your home for you and your family.

Get Help With Downspout Extensions & Foundation Repair In Nashville

When it comes to foundations in Nashville, you can count on A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair. We have years of experience, offer unparalleled customer service, know the area, provide free quotes, and do our job as foundation contractors as quickly and effectively as possible. Learn mistakes to avoid when hiring a foundation repair contractor and contact us today to get started with downspout extensions or foundation repair in Nashville.