Foundation problems can come out of nowhere — one day you can find a large crack in your basement drywall or go outside and notice a crack making its way up through the bricks on the side of your home. There are many different reasons as to why your foundation is in need of foundation repair, and in today’s blog, we’ll be sharing why you should contact a professional at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville as soon as you notice any signs of foundation damage. Continue reading to learn more about the consequences of postponing foundation repair and if you’re in need of our services, contact us today in Nashville for a free quote.

Increased Cost of Repairs

Any homeowner knows that putting off repairs will inevitably lead to needing more extensive (and more expensive) repairs down the road. This is especially true of foundation repairs, and it’s important to repair them as soon as possible. A small issue can be a warning sign of a larger, underlying issue, and if the root of the problem isn’t addressed, it can escalate quickly. Getting foundation repair can save you a lot of money, even if it seems like a large initial investment.

Decreased Property Value

People looking to buy a home often run the other way when there’s any sign of foundation issues. Home inspections will reveal any foundation issues, and this means that the future homeowner will need to factor in those foundation repairs into their budget when buying the house. It’s unlikely that a prospective buyer will purchase your home at the market price if there are foundation issues.

Spreading Structural Damage

Your foundation holds up the entire house, and when there are foundation problems, it puts stress on the structure it’s supporting. That means that floors, walls, window frames, and more will start to bend, bow, and crack the longer you go without foundation repair. The longer there’s a foundation issue, the more likely that the structural damage will spread, and can become unsafe to be in the home, as well as incredibly expensive to fix.

Plumbing Problems

Water pipes below the foundation are very vulnerable, especially when your foundation starts to shift or crack. When soil expands or contracts (lifting or sinking your concrete foundation) these pipes can bend or crack. These problems are incredibly difficult to diagnose since the pipes are literally running under your home. They’re also expensive to fix because the plumber has to do a lot of work to access and repair the pipes. Above-ground pipes can also be damaged by foundation problems since the movement below the earth can cause the house to shift and bend/crack the pipes.


Foundation cracks lead to moisture entering your home, particularly in the basement. If you have a leaky basement, it’s usually a sign of foundation problems — and it also creates an inviting home for pests like spiders, ants, and termites. These creatures breed in humid environments, and here in Nashville, we don’t need to give them any more of an incentive to set up camp in our basements! More so, these insects (particularly ants and termites) can be incredibly destructive. They can also cause health problems, particularly for those with sensitive lungs.

Mold and Mildew

Foundation problems lead to water damage, which means mold and mildew setting in, not only in your basement but throughout your home. Mold and mildew is never great, but it’s especially bad for people with asthma or allergies. You want everyone who enters your home to be comfortable, and it’s hard for that to happen when there’s a mold problem! Getting foundation repair early can head off any water damage and prevent the growth of mold. 

Foundation Repair Nashville

While the foundation isn’t the most glamorous part of your home, it holds up everything else and protects you and your loved ones. If you notice any foundation issues, it’s vital that you contact a foundation expert at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville for an inspection and free quote. It may be nothing to worry about, but it may also be a sign of large structural issues. Catching foundation cracks early is key to reducing foundation repair costs and damage. 

If you’re in need of foundation repair in Nashville, contact A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair today. We’ll let you know what the problem is and what your options are for foundation repair. Along with foundation repair, we also specialize in concrete pouring and concrete leveling. 

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