cracked concrete

Wondering how to repair cracked concrete? If your cracks are very deep and causing the surface to be uneven, your best bet is to call in a concrete contractor for concrete floor leveling. However, you can fix minor cracks in concrete yourself! In today’s blog post the pros at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair in Nashville are sharing how to fill and patch small cracks in your concrete surfaces. Continue reading to learn more, and if your concrete cracks are beyond the scope of DIY, contact our team!

Tools & Materials

Before you begin, gather the tools and materials you’ll need to repair your concrete. You’ll need:

  • Concrete repair mix
  • Chisel
  • Trowel
  • Hammer
  • Wire brush
  • Putty knife

Make sure you have everything you need before you begin so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to the hardware store!

Choose Your Repair Product

Although it may seem counterintuitive, concrete surfaces cannot be repaired with concrete. Instead, you’ll need a special concrete repair mix, which you can get at hardware stores or online. There are multiple options, which include epoxy compounds, latex patching, and mortar mixes. Mortar mixes are best for cracks that are larger, while the other products are good for narrower, smaller cracks.


Grab your hammer and chisel to prepare your area for patching. Chip away any cracked, crumbling, or loose concrete. Try to chip away to about one inch below the level surface. Chiseling is dusty work, and you should wear protective gear like a dust mask.

Clean Area

After you’ve chiseled the area you’ll be patching, you’ll need to rinse and scrub the area to dislodge any loose bits that were left behind. Be thorough here, as any leftover debris makes it harder for your repair product to adhere to the surface.

Mix Repair Material

Before applying the material to your concrete crack, you’ll need to mix the product. Follow the directions on the package.

Repair The Crack

It’s finally time to fill that concrete crack! The material goes on either with a mason’s trowel or putty knife. Be sure to press it all the way into the crack, and then smooth the surface by feathering the edges. Different materials cure differently, so consult the directions on your product to make sure that you’re giving it enough time to set.

Large Concrete Cracks? Call In The Professionals At A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair!

Not all concrete cracks can be solved with a Saturday afternoon DIY project, though if you catch and repair cracks early, you’ll be able to prevent or delay future concrete repairs. If you have large cracks or uneven concrete surfaces, contact our team for concrete leveling services. We repair concrete driveways, patios, garage floors, and more. 

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