Sure, you probably have your list of goals for 2020. Let us guess — are eat better, drink more water, read more books, and work out more often on the list? These are some of the most popular New Year’s goals and they’re all fine and good. But what about your goals for your house? In 6 Goals for the 2020 Homeowner, we suggest some worthy goals for homeowners, whether you’ve been in your home for years or you’re a new homeowner. 

In today’s blog, though, we’re discussing four goals your home would want you to complete (if it could talk). Of course, it’s no surprise that foundation repair is on the list! Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we offer foundation crack repair, concrete repair, and just about every solution you can think of for foundation problems. If you’re ready to buckle down in 2020 and improve your home, then you’re in the right spot. Keep reading for inspiration, and contact us today for a free quote on foundation repair in Nashville.

Floor Supports

How much do you know about floor supports? Our foundation contractors will be quick to tell you how much they matter to your home! If you have unstable or uneven floors, then damaged, insecure, or weakened floor supports are most likely the culprit. In Floor Supports: What You Need to Know, we fill you in on just about everything you as the homeowner need to know about floor supports. If you’re nervous about how secure your floors truly are, then our foundation contractors can come to the rescue with floor supports — contact us today for a free quote.

Foundation Repair

Sure, floor supports are a form of foundation repair. However, your foundation problems may be more extensive and be in even more need of specialized repair from foundation contractors. For example, did you know that a leaky basement or wet basement is a sign of foundation problems? Foundation cracks can cause extensive damage to many parts of your home, including doors and windows, walls, and more. Going without foundation repair will not only decrease your property value, but it will also drastically decrease safety for you and your family. If you’re in need of foundation repair, don’t delay. The longer you go without foundation repair, the more extensive and costly the final project could be. Another reason not to delay? We can get you started with a free quote today!

Improved Drainage Systems

So what causes foundation cracks or problems in the first place? One problem our foundation repair company frequently sees is a drainage system that’s malfunctioning or simply not effective enough. In 3 Drainage Systems That Can Prevent Foundation Problems, we discuss this more in-depth. Your main options are drainage swales, French drains, and catch basins, all of which are foundation contractors can help you with. Another problem related to drainage is, of course, your downspout extensions. If they’re not directing water far enough away from your home, then too much water could seep into the soil around your foundation — and eventually find its way into your foundation. Check out Downspout Extensions: What You Need to Know for more information.

Pool or Basketball Court

Finally, there’s one thing your home would really benefit from, even if it’s not considered foundation repair: concrete pouring! Luckily for you, our foundation contractors can help with this as well. Whether you’re interested in installing a pool, basketball court, pad for a shed, or some other dream project, concrete pouring will help you get there. This is a wonderful project for 2020 because it both increases your property value and increases your enjoyment at home. Read more about our concrete pouring services and check out 9 Ways to Transform Your House Into Your Dream Home With Concrete Pouring for inspiration and ideas.

Schedule Concrete Pouring or Foundation Repair in Nashville

Whether you’re interested in finally installing that pool you’ve been dreaming or you’re ready to schedule foundation repair, your home will be glad you did. Contact A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair to get started with a free quote today! We’re fast, reliable, and affordable.