We don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list. As a homeowner, your list is long enough! Summer rolls around and it’s time to mow your lawn, weed the flowerbeds, and fix up those random parts of the house that you’ve been neglecting.

However, and we can’t stress this enough, it’s vital to make sure your foundation is in good condition. Maintaining your foundation doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming — and it can ensure you catch foundation damage early on.

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair, we obviously believe foundation repair is an important task to tackle head-on when the situation arises. In today’s blog, though, we were inspired by the National Safety Council to discuss why and how to ensure your foundation is safe. June is National Safety Month (which we’ve already written about regarding concrete leveling!), and we wanted to highlight some of the ways our foundations keep us safe. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us today for a free estimate on foundation repair in Nashville.

Hazard Recognition & Foundation Damage

The National Safety Council focused heavily this month on hazard recognition. By learning to see hazards, you can more easily prevent them at home, in public, and at your workplace.

In our blog, we’re going to focus more on how to recognize hazards with your foundation rather than on learning to see risks at your workplace.

  • Visible Cracks – A crack on the inside or outside walls of your home may not seem like an immediate risk, but it’s a sign of greater structural damage that could cause injuries.
  • Unexplained Gaps – Gaps between your windows or doors and the walls could be another sign of structural damage that could lead to injuries.
  • Uneven, Sloping Floors – If your floor slopes or is uneven, it’s not only a future problem — it could cause injuries now.
  • Unstable Chimney – An unstable chimney due to foundation damage could lead to serious future injuries when it falls down.
  • Sticking Doors – If a window or door sticks, then you’ll have large future problems on your hands. You could also injure yourself by trying to get a stuck door or window open.
  • Sunken Floors – Truly an accident just waiting to happen, a sunken floor could cause you or your family to fall.
  • Wet Basement – Leaky basements are a common sign that you’re in need of foundation repair. Injuries could be immediate or down the road.
  • Bowed Basement Walls – A sign of foundation damage, a bowed basement wall could damage your property and lead to injury.

Schedule Foundation Repair In Nashville Today

Concrete crack repair and foundation crack repair aren’t as simple as searching “how to repair cracks in concrete.” It takes skilled concrete contractors and foundation contractors who know what they’re doing. When you work with A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair for house foundation repair, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality service, affordability, and reliability time after time. Increase safety when you work with us for foundation repair — get started with a free estimate today.