When is our busiest time of the year for foundation repair? Summer.

Why? Well, the answer to that question varies. It could be because homeowners have more free time and flexibility in the summer to focus on home improvement projects. It could be because there’s less precipitation in the summer and foundation contractors are able to work more effectively. No matter what, though, one thing is certain: summer heat waves place significant pressure on foundations and lead to homeowners needing foundation repair.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Nashville area and need foundation repair, then you can count on A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair. Read below to learn more about summer foundation damage and repair, check out how concrete floor leveling could improve your summer while you’re here, and contact us today for a free estimate on foundation repair in Nashville!

What causes summer foundation damage?

Now, your first thought when you notice foundation problems in the summer may be that it’s due to the heat. However, heat isn’t necessarily what’s causing the damage. Instead, it’s the rapid temperature changes and changing moisture levels that could damage your home’s foundation.

Think about it: the soil is wet and expands in the spring, dries and contracts rapidly in the summer, and then begins to be wet and expand again in the fall. This cycle can be very damaging, even though house foundations should be able to withstand it. After years of this expansion-contraction cycle, though, you may notice foundation cracks, leaky basements, and more. Before you know it, you’ll be searching “how to repair cracks in concrete” and trying to do your own foundation repair.

What are signs of summer foundation damage?

First, it’ll just be a hairline crack on a wall, floor, or ceiling in your home. Maybe water stains are starting to appear. Next, however, the signs worsen. These worsening signs could include the following:

  • Sagging roofs, leaning walls, uneven chimneys
  • Leaky pipes or plumbing issues
  • Gaps between the floor and the wall or the wall and the ceiling
  • Crumbling concrete
  • Doors or windows that no longer close properly or get stuck in place

How can I prevent summer foundation damage?

Drainage systems can prevent foundation problems and there are many tips for maintaining your foundation. For summer foundation damage, however, the most important thing you can do is try to maintain consistent moisture levels around your home. Strategically placing trees, bushes, and plants can help, as can watering the soil and even the foundation when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.

Do I need foundation repair?

If you have a leaky basement, foundation cracks, or have noticed other signs around the house that you may need foundation crack repair or foundation repair in general, then the answer is yes, you need foundation contractors at your property.

Many homeowners are deterred by a prohibitive cost for foundation repair; however, the ROI on foundation repair is good and foundation repair ultimately pays itself off. Contact the foundation contractors at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair today for a free quote on your foundation repair.