Image of a gingerbread house assembled and decorated with frosting and candy.

With Christmas just a short week away, we’ve got to admit: the holidays and sugar are on our minds. With this connection, we couldn’t help but think of the similarities between homebuilding, foundation repair, and, well, gingerbread houses.

Maybe your little ones came home this past week with a gingerbread house or perhaps you cleared off the table and let them go to town creating their own sugary homes. Did you think about the correlation between their leaning, caving-in walls and your own questionable basement walls? Or was that just us foundation contractors? Either way, the parallels are undeniable, and we wanted to dig into them a little deeper.

If you’re in need of foundation repair in Nashville, then A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair can help. Keep reading to learn more and see how we can help you with foundation repair, and then contact us today with questions or request a free quote.

Start With a Solid Foundation

First things first: that gingerbread house will crumble and fall right out of the gate if you don’t start with a solid foundation. You’re not going to build it on a flimsy piece of paper; you’ll choose something hard like the plastic base that kits come with. The same is true for foundation contractors! Soil must be compacted just right before laying a foundation, and then the foundation material must be up to standards so it’s durable and long-lasting.

Now, let’s get into foundation problems that result from foundation cracks and more:

Cracked or Leaning Chimney

Your kiddo’s gingerbread chimney is falling right off the roof, so they stick a gumdrop on the side to keep it propped up. This isn’t quite possible with your own chimney! An unstable chimney could mean the concrete slab foundation under the chimney is sinking or that your home foundation is cracked or sinking.

Cracked Sidewalks 

We’ve all seen the gingerbread houses that sit out for a week or two and inevitably end up with sidewalk cracks. This certainly lowers the sweet home’s property value and curb appeal, but it’s also a risk to all the gingerbread people walking by the home! Cracked sidewalks aren’t actually a sign that you need foundation repair — but our foundation contractors can help with concrete sidewalk leveling, so it’s good to keep in mind.

Downspout Extensions

As soon as the rain hits, frosting and water will come pouring off that roof in troves — and it’ll sink into the ground and soak all of the surrounding gingerbread. This means your foundation won’t be as strong and you’ll get even more problems! Time to call the foundation contractors to install downspout extensions that will divert the frosting (ahem, water) away from your foundation.

Leaky Basements

Is frosting starting to show up in the basement? A wet basement is a sure sign that you’re in need of foundation repair. Foundation cracks allow humidity and moisture into your home. If you notice unexplained damp areas in your basement (or crawlspace or another part of your home), then it’s best to give your foundation contractors in Nashville a call.

Uneven Floors

Propping a pile of candies on one side of the room may lessen the appearance of uneven floors, but it certainly won’t mitigate the problem. A difference of an inch across your home foundation may not be a big deal; a drop of more than an inch every 15 to 20 feet, however, and foundation repair is definitely in your future.

Walls With Cracks

When you find cracks in walls, do you cover them up with a painting? With a gingerbread house, your little ones may pull out the frosting to essentially caulk the area and keep the house intact; they may even throw some candy on the cracked area for some more decoration. This, however, is fixing the symptoms rather than the problem, which is a faulty foundation. Hire us for foundation repair and we’ll work hard to find a solution to the problem and not just mask the symptoms.

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