As homeowners and foundation contractors ourselves, we know life gets busy and it’s hard to keep up with repairs at times. Between shuttling kids to and from soccer practice, trying to keep the grass mowed, and crossing everything off your to-do list every day, something like looking for foundation problems that may or may not be there might not seem like a high priority. 

Trust us: we get it. However, as foundation contractors, we also understand the importance of preventative maintenance with your foundation so you can eliminate or minimize future foundation repair. Both as homeowners and as house foundation repair experts, we rely on the list in today’s blog. 

From foundation crack repairs to leaky basements, sunken floors, faulty downspout extensions, and more, we handle it all. When you need help with foundation repair in Nashville, you can count on A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair. Read today’s blog and check out the infographic for a guide to looking for foundation problems (spoiler: it’s more than just cracked concrete!), and then contact our foundation repair company today to request a free quote for your upcoming project.

Check The Basement

Your basement foundation is incredibly important. Indeed, it’s likely the first point of entry for water or other foundation problems. When you check the basement, be sure to move boxes of holiday decorations and turn on the lights so you can really evaluate the shape of your basement and the foundation. We recommend you look for the following:

  • Wet basement – If you have a leaky basement, then you may find pools of water on the floor or water seeping in through the walls. Excess moisture in your basement is a definitive 
  • Bowed basement walls – This is why we said you need to move boxes or any other items around. Typically, people will stack up boxes along the wall — it’s the best use of space, right? While this may be the case, doing so prevents you from seeing how the walls look. Keep an eye out for bowed basement walls, which are an indication that you need foundation repair.
  • Cracks – As always, this seems to be a tried and true sign that you’re in need of foundation repair. Stop searching “how to repair cracks in concrete” and instead rely on the experts. For basement crack repair or foundation crack repair in general, you’ll need someone with the right tools, knowledge, and experience to alleviate the problem.

Look At Windows & Doors

Next on the list: windows and doors. We’re not talking about how you need to wash your windows or replace the screen on that one that’s been on your to-do list forever. It may initially seem surprising that windows and doors could show up on a list about foundation problems, but it makes sense. Here’s what to look for: 

  • Sticking – If you have a door that keeps sticking and doesn’t want to open or a window that you really have to manipulate in order to get it to move, then this could be a sign that something has happened to your foundation. For example, if your foundation shifts or sinks even a little bit, the framing around your doors or windows may not be in the appropriate spot anymore.
  • Unexplained gaps – If there is an unexplained gap under, around, or above a door or window, then you may have a serious problem on your hands and be in need of foundation repair. The explanation is the same: as your foundation moves, it’ll put stress on the framing of your house. This could result in windows or doors pulling away from where they — and the foundation — should be.

Investigate The Perimeter

Now, it’s time to turn to the outside. In the midst of thinking about foundation problems and subsequent concrete foundation repair, it may not occur to you to actually leave your house. After all, any problems would show up on the inside, right? Here are two aspects we recommend you look for around the outside of your Nashville home: 

  • Downspout extensions – The role of downspout extensions in foundation repair is immense. If they’re installed correctly, then they’ll prevent foundation repair. If not, however, then they could actually cause foundation damage. Check out our post on downspout extensions to see what they do, what to look for, and how we can help.
  • Sunken floors – You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to notice if a part of your lawn were sinking. However, the problem area could actually be covered or partially hidden by bushes or other objects. In this scenario, the problem could continue to worsen while you just went on blissfully living your life. Look throughout your yard — including in those bushes and well-grown areas — to look for areas that may be sinking and ground that may be lower near your foundation. (This could be present in your home as well, such as lower floors or sunken crawl spaces.)

Don’t Forget Infrequently Visited Areas

As foundation contractors in the Nashville area, we hear from clients who say they were proactive and spent time maintaining their foundations — and yet we’re helping them with foundation repair. One explanation for this is that they’re only checking areas they frequent: the living room, common gardening areas, or one side of the basement, for example. Areas like the crawl space, a random spot in the yard, or a guest room may not be visited as often. 

When you go through your Nashville home to decide if you may need foundation repair, be sure to check all areas for the following signs: 

  • Uneven, sloping floors
  • Unexplained gaps
  • Cracks
  • Moisture
  • Sunken floors
  • Bowed walls
  • Unstable chimney
  • Sticking doors or windows

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