When people see your property, the driveway is the very first detail they’ll spot. A driveway that’s sunken, uneven, or severely cracked is not only an eyesore, but it will also reduce the value of your property. Plus, a damaged driveway can cause problems to the undercarriage of any vehicle driving upon it.

But Why Do Concrete Driveways Become Uneven?

A host of factors can create problems, such as soil erosion, the burrowing of animals, and water freezing, expanding cracks, then thawing out. All of it can create big problems with the slab itself. At A-1 Concrete Leveling, serving the greater Nashville area, concrete leveling and repair is all in a day’s work for us. Instead of tearing out and replacing the concrete, we can simply level it. 

 Filling the Void

When we perform a concrete repair, we’ll first level the concrete.  This involves filling the voids, floating the slab in small increments, which provides a controlled lift and optimal protection.  Finally, we’ll wash the driveway, patch holes, and caulk any cracks and/or seams to provide protection from the elements.

calendar-a1In and Done the Same Day!

For most of our concrete leveling projects, the work only takes a single day. In nearly all cases, the concrete can be driven upon immediately. There’s no waiting, no annoying permits to deal with, and no disposal of old concrete. It’s also a process that’s faster and cheaper. We’ll do any size job, and we’re happy to provide a fast and free estimate and structural assessment.