Have you ever worried about a concrete basement or garage floor becoming cracked or uneven? Over time, it’s most likely going to happen, but things can get a little tricky.

Cracks Can Create Structural Problems

Slab floors will usually crack or settle when the soil underneath moves or washes away. The problem is that the soil won’t move uniformly. As a result, it will expand or drop, causing parts of the floor to break. Concrete slab floors can also move independently of the walls, which can create structural problems over time. Concrete floor leveling can help.

a1-home-safety-01Basement Floors, Garage Floors: We Cover Them All

If this is happening to your basement or garage floor (perhaps you’ve noticed a leaky or wet basement), don’t panic. Call the friendly professionals at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair. We’re the preferred concrete leveling, mudjacking, and foundation repair company in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Mudjacking Eliminates Unsightly Patchwork Repairs

When we perform a repair, we’ll first level the concrete. This involves filling the voids and floating the slab in small increments, which provides a controlled lift and optimal protection. Finally, we’ll wash the floor, patch holes, and caulk any cracks and/or seams to provide protection from the elements. Instead of an unsightly patchwork repair, your floor will look beautiful with the help of our concrete contractors.

a1-no-trash-2No Old Concrete to Dispose Of

For the vast majority of our projects, the work is completed within a single day, and the floor can be walked upon immediately. There’s no waiting, no annoying permits to deal with, and no disposal of old concrete. It’s also a process that’s faster and cheaper. We’ll do any size job, and we’re happy to provide a fast and free estimate and structural assessment. Whether it’s cracked concrete, a leaky basement, or an uneven garage floor, you can count on A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair for concrete floor leveling. Contact our concrete contractors today!