If your downspouts haven’t been working quite right, chances are that each time the sun hides behind the clouds and the rain starts to pour, you start to get a little nervous. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a water problem. Even if your gutters are clean and free of debris, you still run a bit of a risk. According to the United States Geological Survey, a roof that’s 40 feet by 70 feet can have nearly 1,750 gallons of water fall on it if there’s an inch of rain. That’s a massive amount of water for such a small storm!

Now you might be asking yourself where those thousands of gallons of water are going when it starts to rain. Are your downspouts enough to handle the deluge of water and direct it away from your house? Sure, your water is running through your gutters uninhibited, but if all of that water is draining near your foundation, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise in the form of damage to the walls of your foundation. In order to insure that your foundation is secure, you need an effective drainage system in place.

Do You Need Downspout Extensions?

Installing a downspout extension that is a safe distance away from your home is an absolute must. Not only can a downspout extension keep water away from your home during a storm, but it could also be exactly what you need to ensure the future safety of your foundation. If you find yourself worrying each time the rain starts to come down, there’s a better way to live life — and we can help.

At A-1 Concrete Leveling in Nashville, we’d be glad to come by your home to take a look at your current drainage system and assess your needs. The service that we pride ourselves on providing is courteous, professional, and fast — and most of all, it’s designed to save you a major headache in the future. You deserve to get the most out of your home and it’s our goal to help you do just that.

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You don’t have to live in fear each time it rains or snows when you can take care of the situation once and for all and enjoy your home with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re protected when nature strikes. Use the USGS Rainfall Calculator to calculate just how much water your home sees during an average storm and then give us a call to make sure that all of the excess water around your home has a place to go next time there’s a massive downpour.

You love your home and you deserve to enjoy it for many years to come. We’re here to help. Give the team at A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair a call today to get a free estimate and let us help you provide you with the safety and security you need for your home when the rain starts to fall. Contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!