If you notice foundation problems with your Burns home, things can get out of hand very quickly. If you have windows that stick, doors that stick or if you notice cracks in the interior or exterior of your home, you need to take action right away and give us a call.

Skilled Repairs

We have skilled specialists who will come out to your Burns property and consult with you. You will discover just what the scope of the problem is and the best way to resolve the issue, permanently.

Causes of Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can grow quickly and become a safety issue if not dealt with correctly and in a timely manner. If your home is on soil with high amounts of clay, it could contribute to the problems you are having with your home’s foundation. Another factor that can cause foundation problems includes weather, especially high temperatures and extreme rainfall.

What To Look For

Cracks on the inside or outside if your walls are an initial sign that your foundation could be shifting. Cracks are most commonly found around doors and windows because this is where the extra stress shows up. If you live in a brick house, you will notice cracks in the mortar if your foundation is shifting. A hairline fracture along the side of your slab foundation is a definite sign of a problem.

If you find that your doors are sticking and difficult to open and close, it could be due to foundation issues. When your foundation moves, it contorts and otherwise bends the frame of your home.