You may go day to day without ever thinking twice about how your home is standing and why it never collapses; the reason, though, is what we call the foundation. Although it may not seem relevant, the foundation of your home plays a critical part in its structure and stability overall.

By distributing the weight of your home safely and evenly to the ground beneath it, your home is protected from excessive shifting and settling. Although the foundation of your home does keep it safe, over time, many homeowners may notice that bricks and concrete crack, while doors and windows begin to stick and walls begin to bow. If you see signs of this happening in your home, it’s time to call A-1 Concrete Leveling for a foundation repair right away.

Reliable Foundation Repair by Qualified Technicians

When you work with A-1 Concrete Leveling of Nashville, we will come to your house, provide you with an estimate, and assess the extent of the damage concerning your foundation. We will take our time to pay attention to all the details, making note of the age of your property, its value, and any necessary cosmetic touch-ups required. Our goal is to ensure our repair stops your problems and provides you with the reassurance you deserve to know your foundation is safe.

The more cosmetic work you have had done to conceal cracks and damages caused by foundation problems, the harder it is for us to tell what the real issue is; never temporarily fix your foundation when you can have the expert solution you need from us.

Keeping Your Home Safe

By looking for a variety of structural failures, we are able to detect the source of your problem and provide you with the proper foundation repair you need. Using industry-leading methods to fix your vertical settlement, we can customize your foundation repair through the implementation of conventional quad power piers, concentric stabil-loc piers and helical piers. Through these methods, we can help repair not only your foundation but strengthen your walls and the overall structure of your entire home as well.

As the most commonly used method of foundation repair, hydraulically driven steel piers are the most effective way to stabilize existing foundations. Made up of steel brackets and multiple steel pipe sections, the pier is placed under concrete serving as a cradle. Inserted through a transfer type of sleeve, the pipe is driven to the point of refusal, transferring the support from the ground beneath. Once all piers are in place, the structure concern can be moved to a new area of ground.

With these methods, combined with pressure and hydraulic tactics, we can provide you with a more stable foundation, stronger walls, and the peace of mind you need to know your home is safe. Call us today for your foundation repair free estimate!