Let’s face it, finding great tenants can be hard. Keeping great tenants can be really hard. In order to make sure your tenants are happy and content, you need to make sure all of the details are taken care of, so they’ll truly feel at home. But if you have sidewalks, stoops, and patios that are uneven, the possibility exists for annoyed tenants.

To make matters worse, uneven concrete can be a big risk. Not only does the hazard exist that someone can trip, fall, and injure themselves, but legal liabilities are a headache that you don’t need. If you pay to have the old concrete torn out and new concrete poured, you’re looking at a job that’s liable to be expensive and take time to complete. Fortunately, A-1 Concrete Leveling has a better way. We provide a detailed scope of work and a price of each area for both large and small projects. More times than not we can repair existing concrete for much less than the cost of new.  If a reasonable repair is not possible we will remove the existing concrete and pour new.

For the vast majority of our projects, the work is completed within a single day, and the surface can be walked upon immediately. There’s no waiting, no annoying permits to deal with, and no disposal of old concrete. It’s also a process that’s faster and cheaper, and no demolition, debris, or dust to inconvenience your tenants. We’ll do any size job, and we’re happy to provide a fast and free estimate and structural assessment.

Our Multi-Family services include:
  • Concrete Leveling: When we perform a repair, we’ll first level the concrete.  This involves filling the voids, floating the slab in small increments, which provides a controlled lift and optimal protection.  Finally, we’ll wash the sidewalk, patch holes, and caulk any cracks and/or seams to provide protection from the elements. We can do all of this without disturbing the landscaping or grass in the area.
  • Concrete Grinding: This service has numerous practical applications, such as leveling uneven concrete surfaces, removing coatings from concrete, etching, or performing surface prep activities. It’s faster and far less expensive than completely replacing the existing concrete. This is a cost effective way to eliminate trip hazards with no down time and no mess.
  • Concrete Pouring: If your facility needs concrete poured for parking lots, patios, or walkways, A-1 has the tools and talent to do it right. We pour slabs of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll pour slabs with rebar, fiber, or wire mesh. We pour the concrete on a compacted gravel base.
  • Remove existing concrete and replace with new: Over time, concrete will take a beating due to the elements, shifting soil, and water damage. Sometimes it makes sense to start fresh. We’re able to remove the old concrete, haul it away, and replace the area with new and smooth concrete. We have the tools to complete the task with minimal down time and mess.
  • Overlay existing concrete with a soft broom finish: This is a great way to improve both the looks and durability of your concrete surface. Broom finishing is somewhat of an art because the finish will not only create a durable, high-traction surface, but also decorative effects can be created if desired.
  • Resolve water drainage issues: We also provide water drainage repair and installation. Pools of water collecting on walkways and porches are not only inconvenient but also unhygienic. However, we’re prepared to install drains, along with well-placed PVC piping, in order to safely and securely route water away from downspouts.
  • Pressure clean and sealing: Concrete is a highly porous surface, and it’s easy for water, mold, and other substances to get in and stay in. With our concrete sealing service, we’re able to use high-quality sealants and procedures to keep concrete cleaner and keep it in excellent shape longer. If you’re in need of pressure cleaning, we can make concrete, limestone, pre-cast stone, and other surfaces look as good as new.
  • Foundations Repair: The foundation of your home plays a large part in the overall structure. A strong foundation supports your home and keeps your house stable. This prevents cracks in walls and much more.