Sometimes repairing your sidewalk is necessary. Sunken concrete can create uneven sidewalks, which can create very real hazards. Pedestrians can trip, fall, and seriously injure themselves. Plus, in some circumstances, you can be held legally liable if someone trips on a crack on your sidewalk, and you were aware of the hazard yet did nothing to correct it.

Big Jobs, Small Jobs, We Do Them All

At A-1 Concrete Leveling, we know that’s a hassle you definitely don’t need. As the premier concrete repair company in Nashville and surrounding areas, we’re happy to repair sidewalks and paths, and there’s no job too big or too small. Here’s how it works.

Protecting Your Investment

When we perform a repair, we’ll first level the concrete.  This involves filling the voids, floating the slab in small increments, which provides a controlled lift and optimal protection.  Finally, we’ll wash the sidewalk, patch holes, and caulk any cracks and/or seams to provide protection from the elements.

Most Projects Completed in a Single Day

For the vast majority of our concrete leveling projects, the work is completed within a single day, and the sidewalk or path can be walked upon immediately. If you are trying to sell your home, a level sidewalk helps create great curb appeal. Still, uneven sidewalk slabs create a nuisance and are quite ugly to look at, even if you aren’t selling your house. Sunken concrete sidewalks will also only get worse. Don’t simply ignore the problem, an affordable solution is just a call away.